I am an artist at heart. I am fueled by art and design of all kinds, especially as it relates to advertising and marketing. And if we’re really being honest, I’m a writer.

My connection with the creative world began early as a tiny poet, later as a journalist and developed further as a commercial artist at the University of Georgia, where I majored in Advertising with a minor in Graphic Design. Directly after, I discovered a fulfilling career at The Anderson Agency, where I gained a very broad range of experience. There I enjoyed over a decade of professional training from an advertising veteran and one of the best in the industry, William Anderson. Since, I have designed in a large arena like Siemens and, more recently, the small arena of my home office.

Southern born and bred, I consider myself an adventurer and free spirit. My roots are in Atlanta, where I live, work and figure it all out. My family and I are avid travelers and are always ready to “hit the road.” We’ve traveled domestically and internationally and have visited some amazing locations such as Costa Rica, Peru and China to name a few. A fan of sunshine and rain, I thrive outdoors whether we’re just being or getting adventurous out there.

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